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26 June 1989
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I'm a French girl, french echelon, french csi fan but I love english. So my entries are english, friends entries may be in french...depends on my mood^^ I am a writer when I have inspiration, and I'm making icons. About the tv shows I'm currently watching (CSI, SpN-I'm really trying to watch it-, DH, LOST) I try to remain spoiler free when I'm not too exciting to break this rule (well that means I often break it...). And I love to squee about my ships so my posts will not be very elaborated...(I'm GSR at the very moment *squee about season 9*) And voilà, that's all !
As soon as possible I will make a ressources post where I will credit all the people who have create all this great stuff (brush, textures, fonts...)
So I have to credit some people thanks to I have this nice LJ ^_^

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